The Beast will face you with multiple challenges as you make your way to your ultimate goal at the finish line.  Included on your journey are:



 Ares’ Aerial Assualt

The first ever aerial obstacle course of it’s kind.  Dodge, duck, and run for your life as you are pelted from above by Aris’.  Get hit or go off course and your life will be drained.

 Minotaur Maze

This one of a kind obstacle will challenge you physically and mentally.  Journey through our maze, but beware the Beast is among you trying to trick you into going the incorrect way as well as trying to still one of your lives.

The Great Walls of Troy

No trouble shall be had as you hop over these 5 walls on your journey.  Each wall becoming progressively more difficult.

Arachne’s Woven Web

Archni, God of Spiders, has weaved a web for you.  Weave your way through her web on your way to deliver your message.  We hope you aren’t claustrophobic.

Titan’s Steps

The Titan Steps will challenge all as you traverse these uncrossable by man steps.

Medusa’s Laire

Medusa was known for her hair made from snakes and her ability to turn anyone into stone.  Slither through her serpentine obstacle in the dark to ensure that she doesn’t spot you and take one of your lives.

Hercules’ Hang

Hercules was always known for his great strength.  In this obstacle we will test your strength.  We suggest you start doing push-ups now.

Mount Olympus Clouds

You will travel through the Clouds of Mount Olympus.  We hope you don’t get lost in them.

Mount Olympus

Climb over this steepest of obstacles.  This mountain talll wall climb will required that you get the help of your fell messengers to cross.  There are no ropes on Mount Olympus so be resourceful as you reach it’s peak.  We recommend bringing a ladder.

Cross the River Styx

As you approach Hades, you will need to travel the River Styx.  However, you must crawl your way through the River Styx to prevent the guard of the underworld from seeing you.  Get caught to tall and you will lose a life.

Hades’ Haze

Hades’ Darkness will challenge all as you crawl through this dimly lit area.  Be sure to not get lost as no search parties are sent into Hades.

Poseidon’s Rage

The God of the seas will give you a challenge.  We recommend you not drink his water.